Simple docker config for mac and windows users to kick start LAMP stack development quickly
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This docker configuration will create a vagrant vm with 3 containers to kickstart your LAMP development.

  • db - mysql version 5.7
  • php - php 5.6 + apache
  • phpmyadmin

vagrant script from - thankyou.

Why do we need vagrant? Because for mac and windows users, its much faster to use nfs or samba for file sharing. For linux users, you dont need this workaround.


Install the pre-requisites as documented in

# remember to add this line to ~/.bash_profile. 
# This will allow us to run docker commands on host machine mapped to the vagrant vm.
source ~/.bash_profile


# clone this repo
git clone
cd docker-lamp
vagrant up
cd myproject
docker-compose up -d

To test that everything is working correctly, go to these urls. They should work (your website on port 80) (your website on port 443) (phpmyadmin)


  • edit docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile in individual folders. They should be easily understood.
  • To run sql post-mysql container bootup, overwrite mysql/db.sql


  • To see the logs
docker logs -f container_id
  • To go to the shell of each container
docker exec -it container_id bash
  • To see all the docker compose process
docker-compose ps