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A nice OpenCV toy to change slide during a presentation by showing a green object to a webcam
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You must give a speech but you've got nothing interesting to say?
Believe me, a couple of shiny Power Point slides won't be enough to
save you from your bored audience's rage; not without my
OpenCV-powered optical slide changer, at least!

This nifty little tool allows you to go through your boring slides by
showing a green object to your webcam. It works by simulating the
SPACE key pressure each time a green object is detected; I believe
that any serious presentation tool recognizes such key as "go to next

You could use virtually everything green; I used it myself with a
black glove that has a big green-filled circle in the middle of the
palm. I've also tested it with green marker pens and... chairs.

The color recognition process is based upon the R(ed) G(reen) B(lue)
image representation: to be recognized, an object must have some
pixels whose green component is GREATER than a fixed value; also, the
green/red ratio and green/blue ratio must be LESS then two fixed
values. The ratios are expressed as 0..100 integer values instead of
the usual 0.0..1.0 real ones, think about them as a kind of
percentage... Geez OK, I can hear your complaints but OpenCV sliders
won't let me use real numbers and I'm too lazy to use another GUI
toolkit, that's it!

The program has three sliders that allows you to adjust such values
accordingly: since the program's performances depends a lot upon the
environment (green shades, light), I strongly encourage you to find
your optimal setup before you do your speech. You can guess the best
values for the parameters by running the program and showing your
green object to the webcam: by moving the mouse over the image on the
screen you can see the RGB components of each pixels and use these
values to adjust the setup.

You can store the color recognition parameters values that you find
most suitable into config.h and then recompile the program. Into that
file there are also the following parameters that you can change:
  * WIDTH: the webcam frame width in pixels (e.g. 640);
  * HEIGHT: the webcam frame height in pixels (e.g. 480);
  * DELAY: the minimum amount of delay in seconds between each slide;
           during this time, even if green is detected, there won't be
           any slide change.

To use this tool you need to have the classical C++ toolchain, OpenCV
and xorg development files and, of course, a V4L1 (not 2!) supported
webcam; I used it with an UCV based webcam without problems. The
compile process takes just a "make", if you have installed everything
that's needed.


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