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An IIR filter library written in JAVA.

Highpass, lowpass, bandpass and bandstop as Butterworth, Bessel and Chebyshev Type I/II.

It's based on the IIR1 library [] which in turn is based on Vinnie Falco's DSPFilters [].

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Butterworth butterworth = new Butterworth();


  1. Bandstop

    butterworth.bandStop(order,Samplingfreq,Center freq,Width in frequ);

  2. Bandpass

    butterworth.bandPass(order,Samplingfreq,Center freq,Width in frequ);

  3. Lowpass

    butterworth.lowPass(order,Samplingfreq,Cutoff frequ);

  4. Highpass

    butterworth.highPass(order,Samplingfreq,Cutoff frequ);


Sample by sample for realtime processing:

v = butterworth.filter(v)

Coding examples

See the * files for complete examples for all filter types. Run them with mvn test. These test programs write the different impulse responses of the filters to text files.


Just run: mvn install to add it to your local maven respository or just point your project to Maven Central:

Maven central


Android Studio

dependencies {
    compile group: '', name:'iirj', version: '1.1'


  • mvn javadoc:javadoc generates the JavaDocs
  • mvn site generates the web pages containing the documentation under target/site describing all commands in detail.


mvn test creates impulse responses in the subdirectories for the different filters: target/surefire-reports.

To see the frequency responses install octave, copy the script 'src/test/resources/filtertest.m' in these subdirectories and run it from there. You should see the different frequency reponses for high/low/stop/bandpass. You can try out different filter parameters by modifiing the test scripts and re-run 'mvn test'.

The script DetectorTest uses a bandpass filter to detect the heartbeats of an ECG recording faking a matched filter which could be also seen as a 1st approximation of a wavelet. The heartrate is stored in hr.txt.

Have fun

/Bernd Porr []