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The following people have made contributions to the UAE source code (in no
particular order):
Miscellaneous code contributions:
- Alessandro Bissacco: X Windows mouse auto-calibration, battclock
emulation, original smart update, blitter optimization and various
- Hannu Rummukainen: Floppy write emulation
- Andre Beck: Made the X support much faster by using MIT-SHM extensions.
(Not bad for a 10 minute hack, Andre!)
- Ed Hanway: Wrote the original filesystem code. Improvements to the X
support (cursor blanking, etc.), run time options. He also sent me a copy
of his own (unfinished) Amiga emulator...
- Denis Sablic: Misc. bugfixes, several runtime options
- Marcus Sundberg: X11 and transdisk improvements, bugfixes, AF and MME
sound system support
- Samuel Devulder: LOW_BANDWIDTH option for X, dithering code, transparent
decompression code
- Stefan Reinauer: fixed battclock for KS >1.3; AutoConfig/fastmem support,
parallel port support, serial port support
- Marco Nelissen: fixed bugs in CIA, copper & sprite code
- Thierry Lescot: Win95 keyboard support for SVGAlib
- Bruno Coste: Better keyboard support for X
- Oliver Moehrke: Patch for assigns in filesys.c
- Per Olofssen: Swedish keyboard for X
- Tristan Cavelier: French keyboard for X
- Ruben Martinez: Spanish keyboard for X
- Olivier Raoul: some CPU optimizations
- Markus Gietzen: begun work on gfxlib replacement
- Christian Schmitt: worked on gfxlib replacement; new X user interface
- Herman ten Brugge: most of the 68020 emulation; 68881 emulation.
- Tauno Taipaleenmaki: uae.library and support programs (uae_control)
- Michael Krause: Module search function for the debugger, gtk UI
- Kai Kollmorgen: XFree86/DGA extension support
- Stefan Ropke: transdisk improvements
- Joanne Dow: transdisk bug/compilation fixes
- Rodney Hester: transdisk/transrom improvements
- Volker Zota: improved Tk GUI
- David Varley: bug fixes
- Christian Schmitt: serial port support
- Brian King: Picasso96 support
- Holger Jakob: debugger cheat search
- Philippe Gerin: fixed a bug in the CPU emulator
- Jake Hamby: bug fixes
- Toni Wilen: AGA support, state save support, massive amounts of debugging
and numerous fixes to improve compatibility in almost every part of the
emulation, and miscellaneous other patches.
- Mathias Ortmann: BSD socket support.
- Patrick Ohly: timehack; SCSI support
- Richard Hoffmann: sound interpolation
- Sam Jordan: responsible for miscellaneous bugfixes and most importantly
for a fully working copper emulation
- Christian Bauer: 68040 support (I think this is due to him; I've taken
it from Basilisk. Correct me if I'm wrong).
- Ralf Hoffmann: small X11 mouse emulation fix
- Jesper Bojesen: Danish keyboard support.
- Gerald Schnabel: A1000 kickstart disk loader
- Gwenole Beauchesne: Miscellaneuos CPU emulation fixes.
- Maik Qualmann: Bug fixes for various parts such as BCD opcodes or the gtk
- Mark Cox: Debugger improvements.
- Dr. Adil Temel: HD floppy support.
- István Fábián: helped with disk hardware information
- Richard Drummond: kept the code base up-to-date in E-UAE when I stopped
working on UAE on a regular basis.
- Heikki Orsila: Sound filter infrastructure.
System specific fixes/ports (some of the fixes for various Unices are no
longer present, though, since we now use autoconf):
- Markus Gietzen: SGI
- Ed Hanway: SGI
- Marcus Sundberg: DEC Alpha
- Samuel Mackrill: AIX/RS6000
- Dirk Vangestel: SunOS
- Thorsten Frueauf: NetBSD
- Ernesto Corvi: Mac port
- Gustavo Goedert: DOS port
- Peter Remmers, Tim Gunn, Nemo Pohle and Michael Sontheimer: Additional
code for the DOS port
- Christian Bauer: BeBox port
- Patrick Hanevold: Additional code for BeBox port
- Ian Stephenson: NeXT port
- Olaf 'Olsen' Barthel: Original Amiga port
- Samuel Devulder: Lots of new code for the Amiga port
- Krister Bergman: XFree86/OS2 port
- Manfred Thole: Solaris sound
- Paul Kienitz, Brian King and Mathias Ortmann contributed different
ports to Win32. The current one was mainly done by Mathias Ortmann and
Brian King.
- Peter Teichmann: Acorn RISC PC port
- Christian Schmitt, Stefan Reinauer: Linux/GGI port.
- Krister Walfridsson: BSD patches
- Holger Jakob: Amiga/PPC code
- Ari Heikkinen: SGI sound
- Sam Jordan: WarpUP port
Miscellaneous other contributions:
- Brett Eden: rewrote DOS port documentation, provides many bugreports
- Paolo Besser, Fulvio Leonardi: Italian documentation
- Chris Hames: helped with info about the serial port.
- Tomasz Sienicki: Polish documentation
- Jonas Holm Pileborg: Swedish documentation
Please let me know whether it's OK to include your email address here,
especially if you have made a large contribution that people may have
questions about. Also, let me know if I have forgotten to include you.