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GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology 2018: Meta-Analysis in Social Research and Survey Methodology

To start the exercises and the Jupyter notebooks, push the "launch binder" button. It hopefully takes only about 30 seconds to start the notebook. Then open the folder /notebooks.


If the first link does not work, please use the following "launch binder" button.


Please also note:

  • Please avoid starting multiple binder instances (we have a max of 40!) and use the "Quit" button to close your notebooks.

  • Solved exercises can be found in folder notebooks/solutions.

  • A static HTML version of all solved notebooks can be found in notebooks/solutions/html.

  • To download the entire repository, use the green "Clone or download" button in the upper right corner; choose "Download ZIP" if you have no clue what the other options mean.

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