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Charge 'n Boost library for Charge 'n Boost programmable powerbank board.

Use the following functions to control your Charge 'n Boost charger board:

mypb.init( int fastChargeCurrent );

Description Enables charge IC. Enables Boost IC. Resets all charger registers to default value. Sets battery fastcharge current limit. Begins Atmega328P I2C. Sets Atmega328P ADC reference to internal 1.1V. Typically placed in setup.

Parameters fastChargeCurrent: Set battery fast charge current limit (500 – 5000mA). fastChargeCurrent is automatically limited by detected USB input current rating and/or slide setting battery charge current limit. The lower of which is set as the limit.

Returns None


Description Resets charger IC watchdog timer and re-enables charging function. Function must be called every 40 seconds (or less). Safety feature. In the unlikely event of microcontroller failure with I/O at hi-Z, charging and boosting functions are disabled. In the event of microcontroller failure with charge-enable output LOW, charge IC will reset to standalone mode (2A charging).

Parameters None.

Returns None.


Description Gets current flowing into device.

Parameters None.

Returns Input current in mA (int).


Description Gets current flowing into battery. Value is retrieved using BQ25895’s internal 7 bits ADC. Reading is battery charge current only, discharge current is not monitored.

Parameters None.

Returns Charge current in mA, 50mA resolution (int).


Description Gets current battery level. Value is retrieved over I2C from fuel gauge.

Parameters None.

Returns Battery relative state of charge as a percentage (byte).


Description Gets boost regulator (usb output) current. Current is calculated using Atmega328p internal 1.1V voltage reference and boost regulator constant current pin regulating to 1.244V at full current output.

Parameters None.

Returns Output current in mA (0.0 – 3500.0, float).


Description Gets battery voltage from fuel gauge over I2C.

Parameters None.

Returns Battery voltage in mV (unsigned long).


Description Gets voltage on charger input. 7 Bits Value retrieved from charger IC over I2C.

Parameters None.

Returns Voltage on charger input in mV, range 2600 – 15300mV (100mV resolution, unsigned int).

mypb.getBatTemp( int betaValue, boolean setting );

Description Gets the temperature from thermistor. Make sure the thermistor bead is placed as close to the battery as possible. Note: The charge IC will constantly monitor battery temperature, when out of temperature bounds (0° – 45° C), charge functions will cease.

Parameters betavalue: the betavalue of the 10K NTC thermistor at room temperature (25° C). This value can be found in your thermistor’s datasheet and is used by a simplified Steinhart Hart equation to calculate temperature based on BQ25895’s voltage reading at the TS pin. setting: False for Kelvin or True for Celsius.

Returns Temperature in degrees Kelvin or Celsius (byte).


Description Checks current charge status.

Parameters None.

Returns Returns corresponding charge status value (byte): 0 = Not charging 1 = Pre-charge 2 = Fast charging 3 = Charge termination done


Description Checks detected charger input type. Detection is done automatically by charger IC and stored in one of its registers.

Parameters None.

Returns Returns corresponding input type value (byte): 0 = No input 2 = USB CDP (1.5A) 3 = USB DCP (3.25A) 4 = Adjustable High voltage DCP (1.5A, Quickcharge) 5 = Unknown Adapter 6 = Non Standard adapter


Description Polls for button press (button is connected to hardware interrupt pin (PD3), buttonpress detect is possible without polling but will need to be coded manually).

Parameters None.

Returns True if button is pressed (boolean).

mypb.highVoltageMode( boolean setting );

Description Sets boost regulator output to 5.5V instead of default 5.1V. Useful when expecting significant voltage drop at higher output current (usb contact resistance, cable resistance etc). Calculate your estimated voltage drop using this nifty calculator.

Parameters setting (boolean): True will enable high voltage output, false will return to default 5.1V.

Returns None.


Description Forces charger, microcontroller and fuel gauge into sleep mode. Mosfet separating charger and attached battery is turned off. Charger IC is set to Hi-Z mode. Microcontroller is set to sleep mode. Fuel gauge IC set to sleep mode. Wake interrupts are attached to button press and charger interrupt. When device exits sleep mode after interrupt (button press or BQ25895 interrupt i.e. Vbus attach), a full Atmega328P reset is executed (reset after 15 ms watchdog expires), essentially restarting from start of sketch with all microcontroller registers reset. Current consumption is reduced to 45uA.

Parameters None.

Returns None.

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