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Big Time Public License

a public LICENSE that makes software free for noncommercial and small-business use, with a guarantee that fair commercial terms will be available for everyone else

You can download the most recent release from GitHub.

Be Warned!

Licenses are prescription-strength legal devices. If you need terms for a project, don't be an idiot. Hire a lawyer. A good one will ask good questions. They may decide this form fits your needs.

Do not put confidential information about you, your work, or your clients in issues or pull requests. Do not ask for legal advice on GitHub, or try to disguise requests for legal advice as general questions or hypotheticals. You don't want advice from anybody dumb enough to fall for that.


You can read this license.

Big Time is a flipped form in everyday English. If something doesn't make sense, that's the terms' fault, not yours. Please open an issue on GitHub so we can fix it.

Meta License

Each contributor grants everyone permission to do everything with The Big Time Public License that would otherwise infringe their copyright in it, under these rules:

As far as the law allows, The Big Time Public License comes as is, without any warranty at all. No one involved in writing, reviewing, or improving The Big Time Public License will be liable to you for any damages related to this license grant or use of The Big Time Public License, for any kind of legal claim.

If you make changes to The Big Time Public License, remove all mention of "Big Time" from your changed version.


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