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Normally Open and Normally Closed Licenses

template software licenses that permit or prohibit use for specific purposes

Normally Open helps developers to prohibit use for specific purposes, permitting all others. Everything not prohibited is permitted.

Normally Closed helps developers to permit use for specific purposes, prohibiting all others. Everything not permitted is prohibited.

How to Use

Copy or into your project's LICENSE file or header comments. Fill in Prohibited Purposes or Permitted Purposes to set the rules for use of your work.

We would greatly appreciate issues on the GitHub repository for these licenses with a note that you're using one of the licenses, and how. In the future, we may add a showcase or other list of representative projects to the repository or a dedicated website.


These licenses are derived from The Blue Oak Model License 1.0.0, with some improvements from Round Robin 1.0.0.


Each contributor licenses you to do everything with these license text that would otherwise infringe that contributor's copyright in it.

If you make changes to a license, apart from filling out its Prohibited Purposes or Permitted Purposes section, you must change the title of the resulting license, as well.

As far as the law allows, these licenses come as is, without any warranty at all, and no contributor will be liable to anyone for any damages related to the license or its use, for any kind of legal claim.


broad template licenses for software that allow or prohibit use for specific purposes






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