This script allows using EfficientIp SolidServer with LetsEncrypt DNS challenge
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solidserver-challenge hook for dehydrated

This is a hook for the Let's Encrypt ACME client dehydrated (previously known as that allows you to use [Efficientip SolidServer] DNS records to respond to dns-01 challenges. Requires Python and your credentials to access the Efficientip SolidServer.


$ cd ~
$ git clone
$ cd dehydrated
$ mkdir hooks
$ git clone hooks


You need set up your environment in order to connect with dns server. To do that, you should modify, username and password must be encoded in base64:

headers = {'X-IPM-Username':'<username b64>','X-IPM-Password':'<password b64>'}


$ ./dehydrated --cron --domain --challenge dns-01 --hook 'hooks/'