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A framework for creating wsgi applications. A web admin interface, together with your own code, allows the developer to create dynamic web pages.
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skipole is a framework for creating wsgi applications. A web admin interface, together with your own code, allows the developer to create dynamic web pages.

Skipole requires python 3.2 or later, and can be installed with:

python3 -m pip install skipole

or, if you are installing at a user level:

python3 -m pip install --user skipole

Starting a new project

To create a new project you would normally run:

python3 -m skipole myproj /path/to/projectfiles

You should replace 'myproj' with your preferred name for a new project. A projectfiles directory will be created with your new project 'myproj' within it.

You would then run:

python3 /path/to/projectfiles/myproj/code/

then connect with a browser to localhost:8000 to view the project, and call localhost:8000/skiadmin to open an administrative site to add and edit folders and pages.

Developing a project

The file contains code which generates the wsgi application, and functions which you will develop further yourself.

Within /path/to/projectfiles/ you will see 'myproj' and you will also see two other projects: 'skiadmin' which provides the web admin functions, and 'skis' which provides required support files. These projects are automatically 'added' to your own project within

The skiadmin sub project provides the web based admin facility allowing you to create template and responder pages. Typically you populate the templates with widgets, and set up the responders to accept an incoming call, and then route data from the call to your own functions defined in Your code sets data into a Python dictionary, which is set into a template page and returned to the caller.

Your Python functions in are described in greater detail within the skiadmin pages. These functions would typically call further code of your own, to serve whatever data you require.

Special features

The dictionary of widget field values which you create are normally set into the returned template page, but they can also be set into a JSON file, which updates the widgets already displayed on the client browser. This enables facilities such as SVG meters and graphs to be dynamcally updated.

The widgets created have a look and feel set by CSS classes, you have the facility to set your own classes on the widgets to change their looks, and also to set 'default' classes on a per project basis.

Final output

When you have fully developed your application, and wish to deploy it, you would remove the lines in which run the development_server, and which add the skiadmin sub project, and you will be left with your final WSGI 'application' - which can be served by any wsgi compatable web server.


To upgrade to the latest version:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade skipole


python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade skipole

Check you have the latest with:

python3 -m skipole --version

Then, for each of the locations where you are developing projects:

python3 -m skipole /path/to/projectfiles

This will cause the skiadmin and skis projects under projectfiles to be replaced with the latest versions.

Further information

The web admin pages have extensive documentation and help features, and go to for further information or the wiki pages at:

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