erlawys is an implementation of the Amazon Web Services API (AWS) in erlang.
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erlawys 0.1                                               August 16, 2007

erlawys is an implementation of the Amazon Web Services API (AWS) in
erlang. erl + AWS = erlawys (pronounced erlways).

It currently implements the following APIs that amazon offers.
ec2: Elastic Compute Cloud (2007-03-01)
fps: Flexible Payments Service (2007-01-08) [USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!]

The current version is 0.1. It is not production ready and has undergone
minimal testing. In particular ec2 has only undergone rudimentary testing
(as expressed by aws_ec2_test) and fps has undergone NO testing.

erlawys uses ERLSOM to generate the .hrl files from the .xml files. It also
uses ERLSOM to parse the xml that is returned by AWS and transforms it into 
records that conform the the .hrl files.

One issue that came up was that often times the AWS result would come back
with an error. Often the error would occur several times in a row. In order
to overcome this issue I added a function called try_again/3, which will
attempt to execute the given function Count times. Count defaults to 100.

If you see the following during an execution run:

Failed in calling #Fun<aws_ec2_test.11.55025291> on count 100
Failed in calling #Fun<aws_ec2_test.11.55025291> on count 99

then you know the attempt to get information from AWS failed, and another
attempt was made.

If anyone knows why this is happening or how to fix it, let me know.

I basically created a database that contains the AWS documentation. I then
used this database and ANTLR 3.0 to generate the erlang code. So most of the
code is generated from the database. Errors in the code, are more likely errors
in my database, or my code generation.

This is why I have the FPS API implemented. But I have not tested it as I
don't have an FPS account yet. But I thought since I could generate the code
I might as well include it.

In order to try this out you need to download the code and run the
Makefile. In addition you will need an amazon AWS account.

Once you have an account you must find out what your Secret Key and 
Access Key are. Go to and mouse over the
"Your Web Services Account" button. It should pop up a small dialog box. Click
on "AWS Access Identifiers".

In the trace below, Key is your "Secret Access Key" and Access is your
"Access Key ID".

Once you have compiled the source and gotten your AWS keys, execute the erlang
interpreter (erl).

$ cd ~/projects/erlawys/trunk/src
$ make
erlc -W aws_util.erl
erlc -W aws_ec2_xml.erl
erlc -W aws_ec2.erl
erlc -W aws_ec2_test.erl
./aws_ec2_test.erl:277: Warning: function extract_pending/1 is unused
erlc -W aws_fps_xml.erl
erlc -W aws_fps.erl
$ erl
Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.5.5 [source] [async-threads:0] [kernel-poll:false]

Eshell V5.5.5  (abort with ^G)
1> Key = "...".        % Your amazon Secret Access Key.
2> AccessKey = "...".  % Your amazon Access Key ID.
3> Model = aws_ec2_test:init_tests().
4> aws_ec2_test:test_simple(Key, AccessKey, Model).
Attempting to Launch first instance: "ami-23b6534a"
Launched first instance {ok,

For future implementations I would like to implement the S3 and SQS APIs. However,
there is already some work that has gone into merging S3 and mnesia. Its not clear
if this will become available to the larger community, but I thought I would wait
and see before I did anything. Of course if anyone else has implemented these APIs
I would be happy to include them.

I would like to add a layer on top of the aws_ec2/fps APIs. They are pretty
rudimentary and use ERLSOM to make things easier. However, I think it would be
nice to abstract it some more, so we don't have to deal with XML style records.
Something simpler would be nice.

This is licensed under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License, with
my name instead of NCSA. This is basically the same as the New BSD license as
far as I can tell. See

If people object to this license I will consider switching it to the New BSD
license. I just used this one because I used to work at NCSA.

If you find any bugs, issues, errors, or you have questions or suggestions please
let me know at bernied at gmail dot com.