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Thank you for using my Singer Twitter Tap.

This tap:

  • Outputs [count] records from a selection of Twitter streams
    • Blocks
    • Favorites
    • Followers
    • Friends
    • Home Timeline
    • Lists
    • Memberships
    • Mentions
    • Replies
    • Retweets of Me
    • Subscriptions
    • User Retweets
    • User Timeline
  • Outputs schema for each selected Twitter stream
  • Outputs state data. since_id can be used to perform delta requests on selected Twitter streams


pip install tap-twitter

Step 1: Create a Twitter App

You require a Twitter developer account. Visit Twitter Apps

Step 2: Configure stream and parameters

Once you have setup a Twitter App, provide requires details in tap-twitter/config.json.

  • start_date (Optional). Not used in Twitter API queries, leave as "1971-01-01 00:00:00"
  • consumer_key - See your Twitter App setup.
  • consumer_secret - See your Twitter App setup.
  • count - number of records to retrieve. Applies to all streams. Default 10

Do not edit request_token_url, access_token_url, authorize_url

Step 3: Select Stream(s)

To query 1 or more of the following Twitter streams, in tap-twitter/catalog.json, set its "schema" > "selected" value to "True".

  1. Blocks
  2. Favorites
  4. Friends
  5. Home_timeline (by default, selected=True)
  6. Lists
  7. Memberships
  8. Mentions
  9. Replies
  10. Retweets_of_me
  11. Subscriptions
  12. User_retweets
  13. User_timeline

For example, to get a list of mentions:

            "tap_stream_id": "mentions",
            "replication_key": [
            "schema": {
                "type": "object",
                "additionalProperties": false,

Step 4: Run Twitter Tap (1st time)

When running tap for the first time, it is necessary to setup Twitter credentials. Once credentials are setup, it can be reused in subsequent requests. Credentials are stored in ~/.credentials/twitter.json

Run: tap-twitter -c tap-twitter/config.json without piping to a target. You will be prompted to authorize Twitter:

Go to the following link in your browser: Have you authorized me? (y/n) 0768235 What is the PIN? 0768235 Access Token: oauth_token = 16900279-b9uN27YEtYdHsrFOd932wGrFzYwBXbcOpRwNfrOQw oauth_token_secret = FirCxFzLdD1oyL3KRKorMvf4wzjmcSG41VSG3Kudxrt1p You may now access protected resources using the access tokens above.

Now you can pipe stream results to a Singer Target e.g.

tap-twitter -c tap-twitter/config.json -s tap-twitter/state.json | target-gsheet -c gsheet.config.json

Step 5: Use tap-twitter/state.json to filter results since since_id

  "bookmarks": {
    "favorites" : {
    "home_timeline" : {
    "mentions" : {

Before you go...

This tap was developed with Python 3.5. Tested on Singer Docker image singerio/singer-base:0.0.1.

Let me know if you encounter issues using this Tap. Appreciate your feedback! Please raise issues in Github Twitter Tap repo. I will attempt to resolve where possible, and of course appreciate assistance from the greater Singer community. Fork away.

Please fav my Tap repo! Appreciate feedback if you are using this Tap, thanks.


Copyright 2018 Bernard Tai


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