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Backup databases (oracle, db2, mssql, postgresql, mysql) and files to a directory or a dropbox-account.
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A .NET application to backup databases and files to another directory or a dropbox-account.

Supported databases

  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • Microsoft-SQL-Server and Microsoft-SQL-Server Express Edition
  • MySQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • SQLite

Other supported sources

  • directories
  • files


  • Copy the binaries to a folder any folder you like
  • Edit the backup.exe.config and add your sources and targets
  • Execute the backup.exe from the command like to test your backups
  • Configure a daily based task via windows-task-scheduler to get regulary backups


  1. Each dataSource creates its backups
    • oracle: RMAN binary
    • mssql: BACKUP function
    • mysql: Dump binary
    • postgres: Dump binary
    • sqlite: Backup api of the provider
    • file: The file/directory itself
  2. Each backup is zipped with best compression
  3. Each zip is saved/uploaded with each dataTarget
    • directory: Copy to a folder
    • dropbox: Upload to a dropbox account
    • ftp: Upload to a ftp server
  4. Old backups are deleted based on a strategry
    • days: Daily backups for unlimited or specified number of days
    • generations: Daily backups for the last week, weekly backups for the last month, unlimited monthly backups
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