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A small script that extracts data from tumblr to create co-tag networks and tabular post stats.


This script is written and maintained by Bernhard Rieder, Associate Professor in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam and researcher with the Digital Methods Initiative.


You do not have to install this software to use it. There is a running version here. But if you want your own installation:

This script requires a web server (tested: Apache on Linux) with PHP installed (tested: 5.3 and 5.4). The basic steps to install the script are:

  • download all the files and move them to a publicly accessible directory in your server environment (e.g.;
  • create a directory named "data" in the same place and make sure that the script has the permissions to write to it;
  • register your script with Tumblr to get an API key (
  • copy the API key into conf_example.php and rename it to conf.php;

If this does not work, please contact your institution's tech support for help and not the author.

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