Pick custom fields in an Auto-Type sequence (similar to {PICKCHARS})
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Pick custom fields in an Auto-Type sequence (similar to {PICKCHARS})


On some sites, particularly banking related sites, there are login forms where you have to enter "The answer for security question 3 out of 5". In KeePass, you probably have stored these answers in custom fields.

With the current {PICKCHARS} placeholder you can pick single chars out of a field. But for this use case you need a placeholder for a complete field value.


Just use the new placeholder {PICKCUSTOMFIELD} in an Auto-Type sequence. When you execute such a sequence, a window will popup and let you choose a custom field (just like {PICKCHARS} does). The value of the picked custom field will be replaced in the Auto-Type sequence.


Just download the AutoTypeCustomFieldPicker.plgx file (see files above or click here), copy it to the KeePass application directory and restart KeePass.


  • If you use {PICKCUSTOMFIELD} more than once in an Auto-Type sequence, the picker will only popup once und all placeholders will be replaced with the same value of the selected custom field (something like {PICKCHARS:Password:ID=1} is currently not implemented).

####Warning This is a "quick & dirty" implementation. But it works and will not harm your KeePass database or something like that. But anyways, use it at your own risk.

####Licence GPL v3 or later