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A webpage to help students schedule and organize classes
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#ClassScheduler (Live demo) a

A web-app that allows students to search for classes and plan out a schedule. This project was created for students at DeSales University and currently uses the Fall 2016 schedule.

##Help: Upon opening the website, you will be presented with a search bar on the top-left of the screen, (this will be on the top of the screen if you are using a mobile browser).

If you choose to search for a class without limiting your search to any specific tag, then your search criteria will be filtered by the length of the user's input. When the search criteria is two characters or less, the returned values will be based only on the classes abreviation. For example, a search of "Cs" will reuturn any Computer Science class. When the search criteria is 3 or more characters then the searching will be expanded to the names of the classes, the instructors, the class tag (Humanities, MOT, etc...)

The user will be able to easily find reurned classes based on the day they are taught and the time they are offered, as these slots will be auto populated as you add characters to the searchbar. More generally the user will be able to search by instructor's name, the two letter classes abreviation, and any of the class tags mentioned above.

##Goals This project would make it easier for students to learn more about what classes they can sign up for in specified times. Previously, students at DeSales University would have to go on a webapp called WebAdvisor and look at one class’ information at a time, which was a slow and tedious process to compare classes. With our project, student will be able to see multiple class' information at once, and decide if classes are a good fit for them before they embark on the regular registration process.


  • A wired or wireless internet connection
  • Firefox 40+, Google Chrome 40+, Microsoft Edge, or any jQuery-compatible browser
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