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A tiny comic browser and reader based in Vuejs.
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Live demo

A W I D E comic reader. Successor to MSlide. HI6MA was created to give users a larger reading area and remove dependency on jQuery.

Requirements for building

Image Root Folder Set up

  • Create a directory to host your image files
  • In that folder, create folders for each series.
    • (The series' folder names must contain no spaces,and must be unique.)
  • Inside of these folders, you will add the following files:
    • cover.jpg : The cover that will display on the main page.
  • A folder for each chapter : It is inside this folder that individual pages will be added.
    • (images MUST be titled xxx.jpg/png, with three integers, starting with 001.jpg/png)
  • data.txt : Metadata for the series, which will appear as follows:
[Series name]
[Alt. Title (kanji)]
[Translator or tag info]
[Background color #1]
[Background color #2]

An example of a valid data.txt file would be:

Dead Dead Demon's
Asano Inio
Translator's Name

(Every field is optional and will be used for metadata only. Series will be sorted by series' name)

Example file structure:

Run the following commands to generate your website:

# Generate a booklist
node booklistgen.js [root image folder]

# Build index file
yarn run build
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