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Svelte Puzzle

Svelte Puzzle Logo

Svelte Puzzle is a puzzle game built with Svelte for SvelteHack 2023. It shows how Svelte can be used together with Capacitor to build mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The game is officially available on App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android, see below.

Demo 🚀





Svelte + Capacitor = ❤️

I tried different Web -> Mobile solutions and found that Capacitor is best to get started. Unlike some other frameworks, it really works out of the box with a couple of simple commands. Like this you can build a mobile app with Svelte in no time!

In this repo, the initial commands from capcitor have already been run, but if you want to get started in your own svelte project it's really as easy as:

npm i @capacitor/core @capacitor/android @capacitor/ios
npm i -D @capacitor/cli

npx cap init
npx cap add android
npx cap add ios

BOOM💥, you now have mobile apps. The only thing left to do for a Svelte app built with Svelte Kit and SSG is change dist to build in capacitor.config.ts.

To run and build the android version, install Android Studio and open the android folder.

To run and build the iOS version, you need Xcode and then run npx cap open ios.

Below you find the link to a youtube video I created on those steps.

Youtube video about Svelte + Capacitor

Local Development

You need at least node v16.

Initial Setup

npm ci
npm start

Note: I chose to commit a lot of generated files, so the project can be started this easily. I thought an easy setup was more valuable than being too purist on the "don't commit generated files" dogma.

Syncing changes from web to mobile

To sync code changes into the iOS and Android projects do a npm run capsync.

Awesome tips & tricks 😎

I've learnt a lot building this project and I like to share. Here are a couple of awesome tips & tricks I've learnt along the way: Awesome tips & tricks .