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Active Community

We have a friendly chat community hosted on a discord server to discuss scraping and browser automation related topics and for members to help each other:

Invite link:

✋ Please read the guidelines below before participating. ⬇️


We're trying to build a friendly and developer focussed community. As our community grows it became necessary to codify certain principles:

If you're a beginner and intend to ask questions:

  • Search the issue tracker to see if your question has been answered already
  • Please be respectful and appreciate that others help you for free
  • Provide as much info as possible when asking your question
    • Don't ask "Is someone here who can help me" - just post your complete question
    • Don't ask "Has anyone here ever managed to do X" - just post what you've tried and what didn't work
  • Make it easy for others to understand and reproduce your issue.
  • If someone suggests a solution follow up if it worked and thank the member
  • Don't delete your own public messages after others responded to them
  • Use code fences when posting code (with the language to enable colors)
    code fences

Other guidelines

  • As with all text communications: Err on the side of being overly friendly, rather than mistaken as unfriendly
    • Toxic, aggressive or condescending behavior will not be tolerated and moderators will remove these users swiftly
  • Do your homework, don't ask questions that a simple google search would answer
  • Don't post the same question in multiple channels, find the most suitable one and post it once
  • English is the common denominator language we've chosen

Private Channels

There are additional private channels where we discuss challenges and solutions regarding more advanced scraping issues.

In order to be invited at least two of these conditions must be met:

  • Have been actively contributing useful solutions/code in the main channels
  • Contributing to the extra project either with quality PRs or Issue Tracker support
  • Have a public GitHub profile demonstrating some related open-source code
  • Be referred/suggested by another Insider
  • Have a positive/constructive attitude