Commits on Jun 26, 2011
Commits on Jun 25, 2011
  1. ***Code cleaning, erased all backwards compatibility code to 2.5, now…

    OlafArnold committed Jun 25, 2011
    … exporter works
    only with Blender 2.58 *** !!
    -fix for texture object mapping:
    changed matrix_locat.copy().invert() to matrix_local.inverted()
    - changed "Linear Workflow" to "ColorManagement BI"
    - massive reorganisation of texture panels, also added Buttons for
     "Material/World/Brush" like in Blender UI
    - fix in Wood Noise Basis
    - disbled for now export of intanced objects, causes problems of:
    1.) crashes YafaRay if transparent shadows turned on
    2.) messed up "Ball" Material preview (is instanced mesh orco mapped Icosphere)
    3.) problems with "Orco" texture mapping, wrong matrix...
Commits on Jun 14, 2011
  1. -added options "with diffuse" and "with caustic" in textured backgrou…

    OlafArnold committed Jun 14, 2011
    …nd and DT SunSky
    -added back skylight power and color space settings in DT SunSky
    -UI redesign in DT SunSky
    -added descriptions to custom props in world properties
    -added custom props zenith and horizon color, set defaults for them
    -code cleaning
    TODO: UI redesign for SunSky also and adding custom props to converter
Commits on Jun 12, 2011
  1. fix for image saving, default file format is PNG in blender and yafar…

    OlafArnold committed Jun 12, 2011
    …ay. if format is changed in yafaray exporter than the blender settings get updated via python callback also.
    Blender rev. >37298 is needed though..., i will not implement an operator for this...
Commits on Jun 11, 2011
Commits on Jun 10, 2011
  1. - Get rid of some "if, elif, else statements" by replacing them with …

    OlafArnold committed Jun 10, 2011
    - Update of previews for material and world, with python callbacks.
    - Switching lamp types, updates lamp type in 3dview also via python callbacks.
    Support for python callbacks on custom properties needs Blender revision > 37297!!
Commits on Jun 7, 2011
Commits on Jun 4, 2011
  1. added missing particle panels, also enabled and moved strand settings…

    OlafArnold committed Jun 4, 2011
    … to particle settings, some code cleaning too...
Commits on May 30, 2011
  1. Enabled Hair particles in exporter, needs some testing and further im…

    OlafArnold committed May 30, 2011
    …provements though.
    Child particles not working now, also some panels missing in particle settings...
Commits on May 21, 2011
  1. Fix of own introduced bug in saving image files for animation, can no…

    OlafArnold committed May 21, 2011
    …t set file format, file
    output path and exr zbuff in render context. TODO: disable image writing to disk from blender, currently not possible with 2.57 python API.
Commits on May 17, 2011
  1. Python raises errors if object has no material assigned (e.g. refresh…

    OlafArnold committed May 17, 2011
    … preview in materials), added some checks there.
    Add font (text) support, see post on forum:
    Thank you Atom for the report and fix, also smooth angel for text objects 60 degr. gives
    nicer results.
    Test File:
Commits on May 15, 2011
Commits on May 14, 2011
  1. Dupligroup fix for empty object type, see report: http://www.yafaray.…

    OlafArnold committed May 14, 2011
    Test File should work now:
    One issue remains though: external linking of dupli groups work, but not materials....
Commits on May 12, 2011
  1. Enable compositing presets in camera display panel, could be nice for…

    OlafArnold committed May 12, 2011
    … camera / scene setup
    in yafaray also. Works only in Blender 2.57 rev. >= 36590.
  2. Update README file.

    povmaniaco committed May 12, 2011
Commits on May 10, 2011
Commits on May 8, 2011
Commits on May 7, 2011
  1. Mirror color texture mapping for glass material fixed:

    OlafArnold committed May 7, 2011
    Added back Image sampling panel, with "Use Alpha", "Calculate Alpha", "Fplip X/Y Axis",
    Interpolation and Exposure adjust for Images also. Here are some Interpolation Examples:
Commits on May 5, 2011
Commits on May 3, 2011
Commits on May 2, 2011
Commits on May 1, 2011
  1. Material UI redesign based on proposals from samo, also implemented i…

    OlafArnold committed May 1, 2011
    …or presets. Some pep8 cleaning.
    Here are the proposals and the implementation in 2.57 exporter:
  2. My test for correct order exporter into xml file (like 2.49):

    povmaniaco committed May 1, 2011
    texture, materials, lights, objects, cameras, background, integrators and render.
Commits on Apr 30, 2011
  1. Some converter fixes for volume settings, alpha intensity mapping, mi…

    OlafArnold committed Apr 30, 2011
    …rror intensity mapping and mirror color mapping. Also: invert intensity map, when a negative factor value is used.
    All tested with samos documentation test files from 2.49.
    See also:
Commits on Apr 27, 2011
  1. temp fix for textures with transparency and use alpha, image with alp…

    OlafArnold committed Apr 27, 2011
    …ha channel and color info should render again, but needs materials and texture mapping need some more testing.
    Some fixes in converter and some ui cleaning in world buttons.
Commits on Apr 26, 2011
  1. Exporter always uses the the angle from option "Auto Smooth" whether …

    OlafArnold committed Apr 26, 2011
    …it is enabled in object data, normals panel or not...
    Changed it so it only use this parameter if "AutoSmooth" enabled, else it uses shade smooth for the mesh with a value of 181 degr (as it was in old 2.49 exporter).
Commits on Apr 25, 2011
  1. Render Animation: reorganisation of file saving from YafaRay`s ImageH…

    OlafArnold committed Apr 25, 2011
    …andler. Now only supported file formats are selectable, also for Render Method "Image File" the images will be saved in its own folder (yaf_ani) with frame number as filenames. Default Image output file format is EXR now, supports alpha and depth mask in file saving by default if enabled. Sadly i can not disable file saving from Blenders Animation rendering due to the Python API restriction. Also some code clean up in exporter files. Here is a screenshot of the changes for explanation:
Commits on Apr 17, 2011
  1. Added Render Output Method "XML File" as in old Blender 2.49 exporter…

    OlafArnold committed Apr 17, 2011
    …. Default is to export to tmp directory, but can be changed in Render -> "Output Settings" Panel.
Commits on Apr 16, 2011
  1. First test commit as a contributor to Blender-2.5-Exporter: cleaned u…

    OlafArnold committed Apr 16, 2011
    …p some ui code and enabled fake shadows in combination with dispersion. Also enabled oren-nayar BRDF Type for coated glossy again.
  2. Sync with Olaf's fork

    DarkTide committed Apr 16, 2011
Commits on Apr 10, 2011
  1. Fixes for Materials, UI Redesign, Blend Material fix. Also added some…

    OlafArnold committed Apr 10, 2011
    … new properties for Materials, so the value doesn´t change if you switch to an other Material Type. Added them to converter also. Please test and give feedback, thank you.