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This plugin for MuseScore 2.0 will expand chords annotations into a few notes in voice 4, directly playable by MuseScore. Feedback & help welcome.
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This plugin for MuseScore 2.0 expands chords annotations into a few notes in voice 4, directly playable by MuseScore.

No styles, variations, bells or whistles: it's really plain, but does work.

This plugin is likely to be ported into MuseScore core in the near future... no further plugin development for now.


  • Download and install the plugin to your MuseScore 2.0+ install. Only the qml file is needed, but the examples (in test/) are useful to try it out quickly.
  • enable the chordsToNotes plugin in plugins > plugin manager dialog, restart MuseScore.
  • open a score with chords, make sure MuseScore has parsed them all by hitting F2 (transpose to anything) and SHIFT-F2 (to transpose back)... or simply transpose to a prime (or just to the current key) - so nothing is really changed
  • run the plugin via plugin > Create-Notes-From-Chords
  • enjoy your new voice 4 with notes generated from the chords, and use [MuseScore shortcuts](see to quickly change the proposed chords to you liking (eg ctrl up/down to move a note up/down one octave)

Issues and limitations

  • I would like to generate these new notes in a new staff instead of new voice in current staff. Any suggestion how to do so is welcome.
  • I would like to display notes with the proper length (eg whole, half,...). Any suggestion to get note length info from cursor chord/rest is welcome.


Kindly report issues or requests in the issue tracker.

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