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How to contribute to requirements as code

Do you want to report a bug, implement a new feature or support the project by creating documentation?

Please create a GitHub issue, that contains at least the following information:

  • A clear, descriptive title
  • For a new feature:
    • What is the feature that you want to contribute?
    • Why do you want to contribute the feature? What is the benefit for the users of requirementsascode?
    • If possible: an outline of the technical solution
  • For a bug:
    • A description of the unexpected behavior, and what behavior you would have expected
    • A step-by-step description on how to reproduce the behavior
    • The requirementsascode version you used
    • The environment in which you found the bug (Linux or Windows, Eclipse or IntelliJ etc.)
  • For documentation:
    • What is the documentation that you want to contribute?
    • What is the benefit for the users of requirementsascode?

Once your issue is accepted, you can suggest changes by creating a branch first, and then a pull request.

Apart from the code you write, please write JUnit tests to ensure quality.

Note that requirements as code core uses Gradle as a build tool. So if you can use it, please use it, as it simplifies multi project builds. This is not mandatory, though.

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