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About OpaqueMail

OpaqueMail is a free .NET e-mail library with full support for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP. It provides S/MIME message signing, encryption, and decryption to foster better e-mail security and privacy.

The library follows IETF standards, implementing all IMAP4rev1, POP3, SMTP, and S/MIME 3.2 commands plus common extensions such as IDLE. It supports MIME, Unicode, and TNEF encoding.

OpaqueMail includes a fully-featured test client that allows browsing and searching of IMAP and POP3 messages as well as sending of SMTP messages with encryption. It automatically embeds images into Text/HTML messages and strips Script tags.

It inherits from System.Net.Mail.MailMessage and System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient for simplified upgrades of existing code. OpaqueMail implements .NET 4.5 async and await.

OpaqueMail is designed to be the best .NET email library. It's thoroughly documented and optimized for security, usability, and performance.

OpaqueMail is licensed according to the MIT License. It was created by and is maintained by Bert Johnson.

Getting Started

Getting started with the OpaqueMail .NET library is easy:

First, download the latest release from NuGet or GitHub.

Then check out the Tutorial page for code samples.

The OpaqueMail .NET library is based on Microsoft .NET 4.5.

Supporting the OpaqueMail .NET library

Contributing code, features, and bug fixes

The OpaqueMail .NET library is 100% free and open source. Everyone is welcome to download and modify the source in accordance with the MIT license. All code check-ins will be considered.

Sharing ideas

Have an idea for a feature or a way to improve email security? Send an email to Bert at OpaqueMail dot org. All ideas and questions will be read and addressed as soon as possible.

Spreading the word

If you benefit from the OpaqueMail .NET library, please spread the word. Post a link on your blog or Twitter feed and tell your coder friends.

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