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dotfiles - Public personal repository for my dot files

dotfiles as they are known are small files that live within a users home folder (generally) and contain useful information, such as a .vimrc containing various commands that customise vim to a certain users liking. These dotfiles are generally shared between machines using various mechanism such as scp or over http.

These days with github and bitbucket it has become easier to put up a public repository of ones dotfiles, and it has become surprisingly common place to do so.

I being late to the party am getting these files online mainly so I can easily keep them updated between machines where Dropbox does not have clients. You are free to peruse what I have in my dotfiles, even suggest changes if you have any good ones.

There is not a whole lot in this repository at the moment, I hope to expand it soon when I get a chance to go through all of my dotfiles and see which ones I can easily place here.