Scripts to convert the old reunions wiki data to json
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##Script to convert the old reunions wiki data ( to json

In console

ruby convert.rb
  1. Reads the content from and gets only the list of reunions, then writes it to a file reunions.txt (if it exists already then skips this step).

  2. Parses each line for some data: {:link, :date, :month, :year, :title, :speakers [{:name, :twitter}], :file } and saves all into reunions.json.

  3. Visit every (internal) link with the ?m=edit option to access the markdown version of the reunion, and store the content in the correspondent mont_year.txt file under ./reunions directory (the file for the link needs to be retrieved manually because the non-ascii character)

To force the download of data from overwriting existing files use:

ruby convert.rb -d