A Craft 3 CMS mail adaptor for using sSMTP (a sendmail replacement)
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Craft CMS 3 - sSMTP Mailer

This mailer for Craft CMS 3 is a simple replacement for Sendmail, using sSMTP.

More information about sSMTP can be found here

Install plugin

Use the Craft Plugin Store or use composer

composer require bertoost/craft-ssmtpmailer

Executed command

The next command is used for sSMTP to send your email.

/usr/sbin/ssmtp -t

Sendmail replacement

This adaptor is using the Swiftmailer Sendmail Transport literally. It is extending it and just replaces the command to execute.

Configure it for development only

Since Craft 3, you can use multi-environment config in every single configuration file in your config/ folder.

To setup this mailer only for dev-environment, you can change config/app.php in a multi-environment config and configure the sSMTP mailer for dev only.

return [
    // general for every environment
    '*' => [
        'modules' => [
            // ...
        'bootstrap' => [
            // ...

    // Staging environment settings
    'staging' => [
        // ...

    // Dev environment settings
    'dev' => [
        'components' => [
            'mailer' => function() {
                // Get the stored email settings
                $settings = Craft::$app->getSystemSettings()->getEmailSettings();
                $settings->transportType = bertoost\ssmtpmailer\mail\Ssmtp::class;

                return craft\helpers\MailerHelper::createMailer($settings);