My self used Docker Dev Stack (wit NginX, PHP7.1, MySQL etc.) for different systems. Feel free to use.
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Docker Dev Stack

Build Status

The purpose of this development stack with Docker images is to help setting up a local environment for development of PHP/MySQL projects. It's not meant to be used in production.

Supported systems

Special NginX images are provided for usage in different systems;

System Docker Image Tag(s) Index
Symfony framework bertoost/nginx:symfony-development app_dev.php
  bertoost/nginx:symfony app.php
Craft CMS bertoost/nginx:craft index.php
MODX CMS bertoost/nginx:modx index.php

The corresponding NginX image tags could be found here on Docker hub.

Stack contents

The stack contains a setup for the next Docker services;

  • NginX
    • Base PHP7.1 projects support
    • Symfony configuration (not with tested v4.0 yet)
    • Craft CMS projects
  • PHP 7.1.x (FPM)
    • Libraries included:
      • Locales: en_US and nl_NL supported (currently)
      • ImageMagic
      • GD support
      • APCu support
      • LibSodium support
    • Composer installed
    • Development additions:
      • Xdebug enabled
      • Blackfire available
  • MySQL
    • Port 3306 is mapped from your host-machine
  • Mailhog (catching mail)
  • Portainer (UI for your Docker setup)

More to read before...

Before you use these dev stack, please read the following topics.