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/* Define the MODX path constants necessary for connecting to your core and other directories.
* Rename this file to build.config.php
* If you have not moved the core, the current values should work.
* In some cases, you may have to hard-code the full paths
define('MODX_BASE_PATH', dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))) . '/development/');
define('MODX_CORE_PATH', MODX_BASE_PATH . 'core/');
define('MODX_MANAGER_PATH', MODX_BASE_PATH . 'manager/');
define('MODX_CONNECTORS_PATH', MODX_BASE_PATH . 'connectors/');
define('MODX_ASSETS_PATH', MODX_BASE_PATH . 'assets/');
define('MODX_CORE_URL', MODX_BASE_URL . 'core/');
define('MODX_MANAGER_URL', MODX_BASE_URL . 'manager/');
define('MODX_CONNECTORS_URL', MODX_BASE_URL . 'connectors/');
define('MODX_ASSETS_URL', MODX_BASE_URL . 'assets/');
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