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Advent of Code 2018

Build Status

Once again, I will be attempting to complete the challenges in Rust. However, this this I will be focussing on having idiomatic code and having everything in a single executable.

To run day 1: cargo run -- 1. Other options can be seen with the --help flag. The program will by default read its input from stdin.


All of this year's solution implementations have some semblance of unit tests, all coming from the examples given in the problem statement. These tests are checked by travis (if you haven't noticed the shiny button above) on stable, beta and nightly Rust, as well as the version of Rust that Ubuntu Xenial ships.


This year's edition is very simulation-heavy. Thus, code written for those days tends to be very long. To illustrate this, I have created the graph below. Can you guess which days had a large simulation?

Lines of code per day

The code to produce this graph is included in the other directory, and should be compatible with most peoples repo set-ups, so you can share your pain. If it is not, please let me know.


I benchmarked the performance of my implementations on stable rust (1.31.1 at the time of writing). The logarithmic runtime graph looks as follows:

Runtime by day