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Commits on Oct 11, 2015
  1. @davydotcom

    Merge pull request #309 from rgoldberg/AssetsTagLibSingleCleanup

    davydotcom authored
    AssetsTagLib#stylesheet: no longer unnecessarily append empty queryString
  2. @rgoldberg
Commits on Oct 10, 2015
  1. @davydotcom
  2. @davydotcom

    fixing asset compilation

    davydotcom authored
Commits on Oct 9, 2015
  1. @davydotcom

    Merge pull request #306 from bdbogjoe/ISSUE-305

    davydotcom authored
    Fix Issue 305
  2. @davydotcom

    Merge pull request #308 from rgoldberg/XForwardedHeadersInMakeKey

    davydotcom authored
    CachingLinkGenerator: override makeKey(String, Map) to have separate cache keys for different x-forwarded-* HTTP headers
Commits on Oct 8, 2015
  1. @rgoldberg

    CachingLinkGenerator: override makeKey(String, Map) to have separate …

    rgoldberg authored
    …cache keys for different x-forwarded-* HTTP headers
Commits on Oct 6, 2015
  1. @davydotcom

    updating gh pages

    davydotcom authored
  2. @davydotcom
  3. @davydotcom
  4. add missing import

    Eric Chauvin authored
  5. fix issue #305

    Eric Chauvin authored
Commits on Oct 5, 2015
  1. @davydotcom
  2. @rgoldberg


    rgoldberg authored
    fixed possible NPE
    removed unnecessary GString wrapper
  3. @rgoldberg

    fixed AssetsTagLib#stylesheet non-bundle-mode URL generation

    rgoldberg authored
    cleaner code
    improved performance & memory usage
    removed unused attribute from call to assetPath(attrs)
  4. @rgoldberg

    populate assetProcessorService#grailsLinkGenerator to fix tests

    rgoldberg authored
    reordered test element attributes to match current tag output
    use imports instead of fully qualified class names
    alphabetized imports
    tab indents
    final variables
    standardized newlines & spacing
    removed unused code
  5. @rgoldberg

    removed wrapping LINK_WRITERS for ApplicationTagLib, ResourceTagLib &…

    rgoldberg authored
    … JqueryUiTagLib, pending further discussion
    removed associated plugin dependencies
  6. @rgoldberg
  7. @rgoldberg

    AssetsTagLib: fixed javascript & stylesheet out PrintWriter issue

    rgoldberg authored
    stylesheet out Closure: cleaned up if condition
  8. @rgoldberg
  9. @rgoldberg
  10. @rgoldberg

    AssetProcessorService#isAssetPath(final String path, final ConfigObje…

    rgoldberg authored
    …ct conf): removed unused conf method parameter
  11. @rgoldberg
  12. @rgoldberg

    improved configuration.gdoc

    rgoldberg authored
  13. @rgoldberg

    updated BuildConfig.groovy

    rgoldberg authored
    added plugins for AssetPipelineBootStrap
    cleaned up
  14. @rgoldberg

    AssetPipelineBootStrap: use the Asset Pipeline base URL for URLs gene…

    rgoldberg authored
    …rated for plugin assests by the Grails, Jquery UI, and Resources tag libs
    achieve this by wrapping Closure values in LINK_WRITERS Map in ApplicationTagLib, JqueryUiTagLib & ResourceTagLib
  15. @rgoldberg

    if configuredServerBaseURL is not set, LinkGenerator & CachingLinkGen…

    rgoldberg authored
    …erator now use x-forwarded-proto & x-forwarded-port to obtain scheme & port, respectively
    accomplished by overriding makeServerURL() and calling new method: AssetProcessorService#makeServerURL(this)
    added missing @Override
  16. @rgoldberg

    replaced AssetMethodTagLib#assetUriRootPath(boolean) with assetProces…

    rgoldberg authored
  17. @rgoldberg

    improved AssetProcessorService:

    rgoldberg authored
    trim leading slash of asset paths to allow paths like "/path/to/file.extension"
    asset() now correctly generates an "absolute" URL if the url doesn't have an authority, instead of if it doesn't start with http (allows other schemes & schemeless URLs)
    fixed reading to occur whenever necessary
    delay calculations until necessary
    renamed local variables
    made local variables final
    redid assetUriRootPath() as assetBaseUrl(HttpServletRequest, boolean, ConfigObject):
    prepend context path or serverBaseUrl, as indicated by prependServerBaseUrlIfNoAssetBaseUrlSet argument
  18. @rgoldberg


    rgoldberg authored
    faster absolute attribute reading
    improved spacing
  19. @rgoldberg

    allow easy testing of cdn usage in dev mode (non-war-mode):

    rgoldberg authored
    changed default precompiled setting from:
    assetsConfig.precompiled = application.warDeployed
    assetsConfig.precompiled = application.warDeployed || assetsConfig.url
  20. @rgoldberg
  21. @rgoldberg
  22. @davydotcom

    updated wrapper

    davydotcom authored
  23. @davydotcom

    updated docs

    davydotcom authored
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