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Karman Core

Welcome to Karman. Karman is a standardized / extensible interface plugin for dealing with various cloud services. In the beginning, Karman will focus on providing rock solid simplified interfaces for storing / retrieving files in the cloud.


  • Standardized interface for storing / retrieving files in the cloud.
  • Easily reusable in other plugins with the immediate benefit of supporting many different storage engines.
  • LocalStorage mode allows the same provider classes to store files locally and provides retrieval endpoint.


  • karman-core (Core Karman API and Local storage Provider)
  • karman-aws (Amazon S3)
  • karman-openstack (Openstack Swift Object Store)
  • karman-rackspace (Rackspace CDN Object Store)
  • karman-azure (Azure Object Store)


Currently the majority of the documentation is in the Grails Plugin

The Beginnings of a GroovyDoc area also available here:


All contributions are of course welcome as this is an ACTIVE project. Any help with regards to reviewing platform compatibility, adding more tests, and general cleanup is most welcome. Thanks to several people for suggestions throughout development.