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Hemera is an open-source Virtual Intelligent System aggregating some more advanced Artificial Intelligence Technologies (speech synthesis, speech recognition, form recognition, motion recognition ...), with applications in daily tasks, domotics and robotics. It is developed under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3).

N.B.: this documentation is still being imported and converted from its original Media Wiki version.

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Users System administrators Developers Advanced users
Features Install Hemera Get Hemera source code List of third-party Tools
Quick Start Install third-party tools List of development and Build Tools Create your own Speech Recognition Models
User Guide Upgrade Hemera Main project ChangeLog
Troubleshooting Perspectives

For greater efficiency, documentation is compounded of distinct parts for specific categories of users:

  • System administrators: information are usually dedicated to users having root access on computer -> such users can perform a global installation of Hemera to be available for several standard users
  • Standard users (or simply Users): information are dedicated to users of Hemera (which must have been installed) -> such users can also perform a local installation of Hemera for personal purposes
  • Developers: information are dedicated to developers and contributors of Hemera
  • Advanced users: information are dedicated to users willing to user advanced features or to improve efficiencies of Hemera (e.g. create adapted speech recognition models)



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