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Since v0.1.5:

  • easy plugins system to add recognized command
  • new configuration auto-diagnosis system (optimal check)
  • offline version of Hemera Book
  • improved compatibility and robustness with RedHat-based and Debian-based distributions

Since v0.1:

  • highly configurable
  • robust (lots of check are performed)
  • internationalization ability
  • independent input/output system allowing independent module development
  • speech synthesis
  • speech recognition
  • interpretation of recognized commands

Core Modules

Speech Synthesis (usually shortened to Speech) core module was the first one. It allows Hemera to speech, give information, answer instructions, give results ...

Speech Recognition core module allows Hemera to recognize user command ...

Recognized commands


Since v0.1:

  • mode: update the recognized command mode among
    • normal: default mode
    • parrot: parrot mode -> only the 'mode' command will be executed, the others will be repeated
    • security: no effect yet
  • say: repeat recognized words (like in parrot mode)
  • stop: stop current answer/definition read
  • pause: stop temporary current answer/definition read
  • continue: continue temporary paused answer/definition read

Daily tasks

Since v0.1:

  • search: search definition on Wikipedia and read


None yet


None yet

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