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If ever you have problem while installing third-party tools, check the [Troubleshooting](/Troubleshooting]] page. If you don't find solution, post a request on the Help Forum.

=Third-party tools installation= For better legibility, third-party tools installation guide has been created for each module:

  • [Global|Third-party:Global]] (used by Hemera core, or by several components)
  • [Speech core module|Third-party:Speech]]
  • [Speech Recognition core module|Third-party:SpeechRecognition]]
  • [Web Module|Third-party:Web]]

Although, it is NOT recommended, you can perform a [quick installation|Third-party:QuickInstall]] of the most third-party tools.

=Binary and Library paths= At any time, according to your needs, you can define [binary and library paths](/Appendix#Binary_and_Library_paths_configuration]] in your [configuration file](/Appendix#Configuration_file]]:


In addition, you can configure some [configuration elements](/Appendix#Configuration_file]] to update third-party tools environment, used by Hemera:


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