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Since Hemera v0.2.

=Tomcat availability= Hemera Web services module uses [several third-party tools|Third-party:List:Web]], including Apache Struts 2 and Apache Tomcat. All third-party tools used by the web services module are embedded, but the Tomcat. The module requires Servlet API 2.4 or higher and JSP 2.0 or higher; so you must have an installation of Apache Tomcat 5.5 or later.

N.B.: it can be a Tomcat installation on a remote computer BUT some information like processing systems given by the Web services module will only regard local activities. ==Existing installation== If you already have such installation, you can go to configuration part.

==From binary distribution== If you want to install a dedicated Tomcat for Hemera, it is recommended to:

  • download the binary distribution of Apache Tomcat 7 or later
  • uncompress the archive under [HEMERA_TP_PATH](/Appendix#HEMERA_TP_PATH]]/webServices/bin/
  • create a symbolic link named tomcat to the just created directory (e.g. apache-tomcat-7.0.12)

==With package manager== If you prefer, you can install Tomcat with package manager (for instance to use others web applications on it).

RedHat-based distributions yum install tomcat6 tomcat6-admin-webapps Debian-based distributions sudo apt-get install tomcat6 tomcat6-admin


Tomcat user

In any case, you must define a tomcat user with the manager role, in the $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/tomcat-users.xml file. For instance, you can add this line:

==Hemera configuration== After the installation of the version of your choice, check/update the following [configuration elements](/Appendix#Configuration_file]]


==Automatic start/stop== In case of local installation of a binary version, Hemera start/stop system can manage Tomcat start/stop. If activated it will look for [HEMERA_TP_PATH](/Appendix#HEMERA_TP_PATH]]/webServices/bin/tomcat/bin/ (and; if not found a warning (NOT fatal) will be printed. For that, check/update the following [configuration element](/Appendix#Configuration_file]]

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