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Local Zune Firmware Server for Recovery

This project Provides a host for the Zune Desktop app to fetch the firmware for a device recovery which was taken offline after Microsoft discontinued the Zune programme.

It is based on a Vagrant/Ansible machine running Ubuntu to serve the files on a URL which the Zune Desktop Software expects as a resource.

0. Issue

Installing the Zune Firmware fails with the error codes C00D133C (80190194).

1. Preparations

Please install:

Prepare the local environment:

  • Run: vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager
  • and: vagrant plugin install vagrant-triggers

2. Adding the Firmware files

3. Starting the recovery

  • Open a command prompt window and cd to the project's root directory (where Vagrantfile is located).
  • Buld this virtual machine. This can take a while when starting it the first time. Type: vagrant up
  • The machine will be booted automatically.
  • You can test whether the host is available by opening in your web browser.
  • Connect your device. Zune Software should start up automatically and be able to load the firmware from this project's machine.

When you are done

you may delete the virtual machine by typing vagrant destroy.

Good luck!



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