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Android app interacting with Dotti bluetooth device
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Dotti Testing Android app

Last update on 12/10/2015

Dotti is a small 8x8 bluetooth led matrice with built in battery made by Witti


Android application to manage your Dotti bluetooth device from BLE gatt interface :

  • set ON/OFF (in fact setting color to 0x000000 and 0xFFFFFF(white))
  • set all led to one RGB color
  • modify all led color intensity
  • modify color for each 64 pixel
  • register your led matrice into icon slot (8 slots are available) : these slots make possible to store your led configuration
  • display icon you have stored in these slots : this will display your stored led configuration

Note : These icon slots are located on the bluetooth device itself, so you can store until 8 pixel mapping for icon usage

Characteristics on Dotti cant be read on current device firmware. Previous state should be memorized to maintain statefull processing.


  • Build with Android Studio

  • Compatible from API lvl 17+

gradlew clean build

External Lib

Device specification :



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