Deep Models and smart form/model synchronisation for backbone js
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Meninges models let you load deep domain models into backbone models by declaring associations (rather than coding the relationships manually). Meninges also provides a FormView that binds blur events on html form inputs to a function refreshing the backing MeningesModel from the form values.

To use it

  • Include meninges.js in your page:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/meninges-model.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/meninges-view.js"></script>
  • Define your Models
    MyApp.Country = Backbone.Model.extend();
    MyApp.Author = Backbone.MeningesModel.extend({
      associations: {
        "country" : {model: "MyApp.Country"}
    MyApp.Links = Backbone.Collection.extend({
      model: MyApp.Link
    MyApp.Link = Backbone.Model.extend();
    MyApp.Book = Backbone.MeningesModel.extend({
      associations: {
        "author": {model: "MyApp.Author"},
        "links": {model: "MyApp.Links"}
  • Load your json into your models
    data = {
      id: 1,
      title: "Le Menon",
      author: {
        is_dead: true,
        name: "Platon",
        gender: "male",
        country: {
          name: "greece",
          continent: "europe"
      links: [
        {type: "buy", uri: ""},
        {type: "read", uri: ""}

    var book = new MyApp.Book(data);
  • Nested objects are automatically loaded into MeningesModel (as long as they're defined)
    book.get("author").get("country").get("name") //greece
  • toJSON will include the json of the nested meninges models

Put a form in front of your model

  • Extend Backbone.MeningesView
    MyApp.BookView = Backbone.MeningesView.extend({
      render: function () {
        var html = '<select name="" class="meninges">';
        return this;
  • Instantiate it
    bookView = new MyApp.BookView({model:});
    // ... render the view and append to a html node.
  • From then on, user input should be synchronised to MeningesModel as the user leaves the input fields (blur).

  • Follow this syntax to bind input fields to model attributes

    <input name="" class="meninges" type="text" />
    // binds the input to this.model.get("author").get("country").get("name")

    <input name="links:0.url" class="meninges" type="text" />
    // binds the input to this.model.get("links").at(0).get("url")