Compare Metafilter comments to Youtube comments side-by-side for hilarity
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Metafilter comments vs. Youtube comments

Pulls the most recent Metafilter comments and the most recent Youtube comments from the most popular videos and puts them side-by-side for hilarity.

I recently rewrote this in Ruby, the original which was written in PHP using the Symfony 1.0 framework and Yahoo Pipes can be found here.


Install the feedzirra and mustache gems.

gem install feedzirra
gem install mustache

Run generate.rb. If all goes well, web/index.html should contain the latest comments. After you've confirmed that worked, add the contents of crontab to your web user's crontab, changing the absolute path to wherever you install this to. This will update the page once per day.

If you're using Ubuntu 12.10, feedzirra may refuse to install. I had to do this:

apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev
git clone
cd curb
apt-get install rake
rake install
rake package
gem install ./curb-0.8.3.gem
gem install feedzirra --pre


Original MeFi project

MetaTalk post

Freakonomics blog post