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Howdy. My name is Bert. I am a dedicated father and husband, and I'm sure I'm a pretty regular guy (for now).

My trade is tech, with a specialty in Systems Administration, Orechestration, and Automation. I absolutely love DevOps and am an avid proponent of programming languages such as PowerShell, Python, Bash, and Ruby. I also enjoy working with infrastructure orchestration/platform tools like Ansible and Puppet. Microservices and Virtualization? Oh yeah:

  • Vagrant
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker

But wait, there's more: I'm all about that Jenkins for Continuous Integration, and I love love love all things Atlassian (JIRA, Confluence, etc).

My service area is the Lehigh Valley in Northeastern/Central PA, so if you seek expertise in DevOps/Systems Administration & Automation, I'm your guy.

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