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Welcome to the Jansson wiki! This wiki is used for documenting the development of Jansson.

Jansson is a C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data. It features:

  • Simple and intuitive API and data model
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • No dependencies on other libraries
  • Full Unicode support (UTF-8)
  • Extensive test suite

Jansson is licensed under the MIT license.

For those not interested in development, Jansson’s webpage is at http://www.digip.org/jansson/ and user documentation is at http://www.digip.org/jansson/doc/.

You are welcome to discuss the development of Jansson to jansson-users at Google Groups.


  • Branches — Descriptions for the branches in the Git repository
  • Versioning Policy — How to select a version number for a release
  • Releasing — How to make releases of Jansson