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supybot-packagist-plugin allows your Supybot users to quickly search for Composer packages.


Go to /path/to/supybot/plugins/ and do this:

$> git clone git:// Packagist

And then add Packagist to the supybot.plugins list in the .conf file for your Supybot instance.

Then, update your Supybot configuration to enable the plugin, by adding these lines:

supybot.plugins.Packagist: True
supybot.plugins.Packagist.public: True

After restarting your supybot, it should load the Packagist plugin and (@find keyword) should work in your channels.

(I don't know if the @find command conflicts with any other plugins, so let me know if you encounter issues)


Created by Kevin Boyd (aka "Beryllium"),