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Custom runtime image of Pacman using the Badass-Runtime plugin


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Badass Runtime Plugin - Pacman Example

This project shows how to use the Badass Runtime Plugin to create a custom runtime image and a platform-specific installer for a non-modularized application. Our example application is Almas Baimagambetov's Pacman. This application is available in the FXGLGames repository, which includes several games based on his awesome FXGL game library.

Quick start

From the releases page download the archived custom runtime image for your operating system. Unpack the archive and execute the pacman script found in the pacman/bin directory.

Creating a custom runtime image

Gradle must use Java 11 in order to be able to build the project. To create the custom runtime image execute:

./gradlew runtimeZip

This command creates the runtime image in the build/pacman directory and a zip file of it in build/image-zip.

The start scripts are found in the build/pacman/bin directory.

(Before creating the runtime image, the Gradle script creates a clone of the FXGLGames repository in the build/clone directory. This may take several minutes. Be patient.)

You can easily adjust the build.gradle script if you want to create a runtime image for another game from the FXGLGames repository.

Creating a platform-specific installer

To create the platform-specific installer execute:

./gradlew jpackage

The generated platform-specific installers are found in the build/jpackage directory.