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Badass Runtime Plugin

NOTE: Looking for co-maintainers - see this issue.

Using this Gradle plugin you can create custom runtime images for non-modularized applications. The plugin also lets you create an application installer with the jpackage tool.

💡 For modularized applications use the Badass-JLink plugin.

The plugin offers several tasks, such as: runtime, runtimeZip, suggestModules, or jpackage. It also adds an extension with the name runtime to let you configure various aspects of its operation. A simple example configuration is shown below:

runtime {
    options = ['--strip-debug', '--compress', '2', '--no-header-files', '--no-man-pages']
    modules = ['java.naming', 'java.xml']

The following projects illustrate how to use this plugin to create custom runtime images and/or platform-specific installers:

Please read the documentation before using this plugin.

See the list of all releases if you use an older version of this plugin.