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A Keystore Brute-force attacker.


A program that uses a brute-force attack to find the password for a given .keystore file (Java KeyStore).

Please note

Please note that this program will only try to find the password to the Keystore, not to any of the keys inside.


If you are using the binary found in the directory with the same name:

java -jar Breaker.jar <keystore file> <startdepth> <number of threads>

If you are compiling the program yourself and want to use those classfiles:

java <keystore file> <startdepth> <number of threads>


On Linux with a Core2Quad I got about 150000 keys / second, but on a Windows 7 machine (Also Core2Quad) I only got about 100000 keys / second.

Proof of concept

There is a .keystore file in the test/ directory that has been prepared with the password 'abc123'. Feel free to try it out.

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