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This repository contains a speech corpus collected during a realistic language documentation process. It is made up of 5k speech utterances in Mboshi (Bantu C25) aligned to French text translations. Speech transcriptions are also made available: they correspond to a non-standard graphemic form close to the language phonology. The dataset is made available to the community for reproducible computational language documentation experiments and their evaluation.

  • full_corpus_newsplit: contains the wav in mboshi, the linguists' transcriptions and the french translations ; this part is clean and has been checked carefully

  • forced_alignments_supervised_spkr: contains the forced alignements between mboshi speech and mboshi transcripts… might be useful if you want to score word or phone discovery from speech but …… you should consider this as a « silver » standard rather than a « gold standard » (well, they are imperfect forced alignements obtained from a small corpus, etc.)

  • ZRC_scoring: contains scripts + ref files to score spoken word discovery with the Zero Resource Challenge Metrics (see and if you’re not familiar with these metrics) the ref files for ZCR metrics were obtained from the above forced alignements

  • lrec2018-submission.pdf : our LREC2018 paper that describes this dataset - see - use the following bibtex if you use this dataset in your publications:

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