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ReadonlyREST Enterprise + Keycloak integration via SAML SSO

This document will guide you through the task of setting up an excellent, open source identity provider (KeyCloak) to work as an external authenticator and authorizer system for your ELK stack. The scenario is the usual:

  • A centralised, large Elasticsearch cluster
  • A Kibana installation
  • We want one, centralised multi tenant Elasticsearch + Kibana

But with some more enterprisy requirements:

  • Users need to be able to change their passwords independently
  • Users need to verify their emails
  • Group managers need to be able to add, remove, block (only) their users.
  • Multi factor authentication (MFA) is a requirement.

What is Keycloak

Keycloak is an advanced authentication server that lets user administer their credentials, and speaks many authentication protocols, Including SAML2.0 SSO.

Setup KeyCloak

This tutorial was created using KeyCloak 6.0.1.

  1. Download the standalone version of Keycloak from their official website
  2. Run Keycloak: run bin/ or equivalent for your platform.
  3. Navigate to http://localhost:8080 and configure the admin user's credentials don't forget to fill the email address!.
  4. Login as admin
  5. Use the import function to load this configuration file

You should now have setup a SAML client called "ror" (keep this ID or change the "issuer" setting in kibana.yml) in the "master" realm.


Install ReadonlyREST Enterprise for Kibana

Please refer to our documentation on how to obtain and install ReadonlyREST Enterprise for Kibana. Also remember that it relies on the Elasticsearch plugin to be configured as well.

Setup the SAML connector

Provided that you have ReadonlyREST Enterprise installed configured, you can add the following configuration:


  logLevel: "debug"
    signature_key: "my_shared_secret_kibana1_(min 256 chars)my_shared_secret_kibana1_(min 256 chars)my_shared_secret_kibana1_(min 256 chars)my_shared_secret_kibana1_(min 256 chars)" # <- use environmental variables for better security!
      buttonName: "KeyCloak SAML SSO"
      enabled: true
      type: "saml"
      issuer: "ror"
      entryPoint: ""
      kibanaExternalHost: 'localhost:5601' 
      protocol: "http"
      usernameParameter: "nameID"
      groupsParameter: "Role"
      logoutUrl: ""

Don't forget setting up SAML requires some changes to security settings in readonlyrest.yml (on the elasticsearch side). Security settings can also be changed via the ReadonlyREST Kibana app.

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