OSX QuickLook Plugin for Graphviz dot files
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This bundle allows you to conveniently preview dot files in a OSX QuickLook preview.



  • The dot binary is a pre-requisite. Install it from http://www.graphviz.org
  • To be sure install a symbolic link in your Terminal

    ln -s `which dot` /usr/bin/dot
  • Download the current version of the plugin from the "Downloads" section

  • Copy the QuickLook plugin bundle with the .qlgenerator ending to the folder ~/Library/QuickLook (Create the folder, if it does not exist)

Using the plugin

  • You should be able to preview your .dot or .gv files using the space key in Finder.
  • You also see a preview if your file is selected and if you are in column mode (`⌘+ 3).
  • You can use a simple HelloWorld.dot

    digraph G{
        Hello -> World
        this -> is -> a -> test


Git repository: git@github.com:besi/quicklook-dot.git


defaults write -g QLEnableLogging YES

# Create preview from the command line
qlmanage -p ~/Dropbox/projects/OSX/quicklook-dot/sample.dot