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Guess The Price

Showcase for Bespoken unit-testing and end-to-end testing tools! Also, fun game for guessing prices, akin to the Price Is Right!!

Continuous Integration

Done via CircleCI - core testing is here:

    - bst test test
    - codecov

Look at the entire circle.yml here.

Continuous Deployment

Environment Rules

We deploy to a dev lambda automatically with every commit to master.

Additionally, we deploy to prod for tags that start with "prod-*".

In this way, prod builds are triggered explicitly but easily. The relevant portion of the Circle file is below:

    branch: master
      - ./ Dev
      - bst test test

    tag: /prod-.*/
      - ./ Prod
      - bst test e2e

Unit and end-to-end tests are run first and leverage our Skill Tester, Virtual Alexa and Virtual Device.

If they are successful, our deployment script is run.

Deployment Script

We use our script to orchestrate:

  • Setting up config files (AWS and ASK)
  • Uploading to Lambda

This is done with a bash script because of the powerful tools it provides for file manipulation and creation.

These lines setup our AWS and ASK configs from environment variables configured securely in Circle:

echo "[default]" > ~/.aws/credentials
echo "aws_access_key_id=$AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID" >> ~/.aws/credentials
echo "aws_secret_access_key=$AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY" >> ~/.aws/credentials

    s/ASK_REFRESH_TOKEN/${ASK_REFRESH_TOKEN}/g conf/ask_cli.json > ~/.ask/cli_config

Once done, the ASK CLI is run to deploy the new Lambda version.

See the entire here.


There is no need to add assertions to your code. With our automated unit-testing you create simple YAML test scripts and then we run them against your code locally.

configuration: # This is the configuration section, you can define your locale or the mocks here
  locale: en-US
- test: Launch request, play once with two players and cancel.
- LaunchRequest: how many persons are playing today
- 2: contestant one please tell us, what is your name
- jordi: Contestant 2 please tell us, what is your name
- caterina: "let's start the game: jordi your product is Fitbit Charge 2 HR* Guess the price" # Quotes because there is a colon in the right part
- 149: you said 149 , the actual price was 149 dollars. Your score for that answer is 1000 points. Now is caterina turn
- 4143: Now is jordi turn. Your next product is
- cancel: Goodbye!


  • Add automated interaction model re-deployment