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Fast, light-weight (4KB gzip), and dependency-free content scroller.


For more examples of how it works with different settings and UI conditions, check out this link.


Install Scroller with npm:

npm install prokrutchik

Add the scripts and styles to your project:

import { Scroller } from "prokrutchik";
import "prokrutchik/styles.css";

Or add them directly to the HTML file:

<script src="/path/to/prokrutchik/browser.js"></script>
<link href="/path/to/prokrutchik/styles.css" rel="stylesheet" />


By default, Scroller provides auto initialization for all the .scroller elements on the page:

<ul class="scroller">
  <li>First item</li>
  <li>Second item</li>
  <li>Third item</li>

You can also initialize the instance manually:

<ul class="foo">
  <li>First item</li>
  <li>Second item</li>
  <li>Third item</li>

<script type="module">
  import { Scroller } from "prokrutchik";

  const instance = new Scroller({
    element: document.querySelector(".foo"),


You can configure Scroller via data- attributes in HTML:

  • data-navigation, shows/hides the navigation buttons, "visible" | "hidden";
  • data-scrollbar, shows/hides the scrollbar under the content, "visible" | "hidden";
  • data-align, specifies how to align the content if it fits the screen, "start" | "center" | "end";
  • data-start-position, initial position of the content, number of px | "start" | "center" | "end";
  • data-start-duration, starting animation duration, number of milliseconds.

Scroller items can be configured with:

  • data-anchor, label of the item in the navigation, string;
  • data-focused, if defined, Scroller will scroll to this item at the start.

Using JavaScript

You can also configure Scroller using the config object:

const scroller = new Scroller({
  element: document.querySelector(".foo"),

  // Show/hide the scrollbar, "visible" | "hidden":
  scrollbar: "hidden",

  // Show/hide the navigation, "visible" | "hidden":
  navigation: "hidden",

  // How to align content if it fits the screen, "start" | "center" | "end":
  align: "center",

  // Initial scroller content position, "start" | "center" | "end" | number of px:
  startPosition: "center",

  // Starting animation duration, number of milliseconds:
  startDuration: 500,

Public API

Scroller provides API for changing current position, handling item clicks, and dynamically updating the config.

Position Change

For position change, use the scrollTo method:

// Scrolls to the beginning of the content

// Scrolls to the center of the content:

// Scrolls to the end of the content:

// Scrolls to 100px from the start of the content:

// Second optional parameter specifies
// the animation duration in milliseconds.
// Scrolls to center in 500 ms:
scroller.scrollTo("center", 500);

Item Click Callback

For handling clicks on items, specify the onItemClick handler in the config:

const scroller = new Scroller({
  element: document.querySelector(".foo"),
  onItemClick: (event) => {
    /* The `event` argument here is `TouchEvent` or `MouseEvent` depending on the user device. */

Config Updates

For configuration updates, use the update method:

  scrollbar: "hidden",
  navigation: "hidden",
  align: "center",
  onItemClick: someFunc,


Scroller with disabled scrollbar, active navigation, and start alignment, configured via HTML data-attributes:

  <link href="/path/to/prokrutchik/styles.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  <script src="/path/to/prokrutchik/browser.js" defer></script>

  <ul class="scroller" data-scrollbar="hidden" data-align="start">
    <img src="example.png" data-anchor="anchor1" />
    <div data-anchor="anchor2"></div>
    <table data-anchor="anchor3"></table>
    <!-- ... -->

Scroller with the same settings configured via config object:

import { Scroller } from "prokrutchik";
import "prokrutchik/styles.css";

const myScroller = new Scroller({
  el: document.querySelector(".foo"),
  scrollbar: "hidden",
  align: "start",


If you want to use Scroller with React or Vue, check out these packages: